Thought Process of a Teenager

My oldest daughter works at a high-end salon. She is always telling me how I should come in and get my hair done while she is working. Did I mention it is a high-end salon? With no family discounts. My idea of getting my hair done is a $24 cut and highlight twice a year.

So the other morning I was sitting on the couch picking at my split ends (I know, I know that’s BAD) and said “I have GOT to do something about my hair!” So of course she says “I’m working on Saturday why don’t you come in?” I said kind of snidely “I don’t have money to spend on myself.”

In her heartfelt desire to show me that she cares she says “Well start telling us no when we ask for stuff and you’ll have more money for yourself.” This coming after I JUST spent a lot of money on HER. I said, “So I should have told you no I can’t pay for your 2 college applications and transcript fees or the two nights hotel I just booked for your college campus tours because I want to get my hair done?”

She says, “Well that doesn’t count.” Oh really?!

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