How I Afford Home Repairs and You Can Too!

When my ex husband and I divorced I wanted to stay in the only home my children knew. I didn’t really think about what I would do when things needed repair. I also didn’t think of the fact that since our home was a duplex there would be double the chance of repairs.

I was fortunate that there were very few repairs in the first few years being on my own. However, time caught up with me and I realized that all of my appliances, water heaters and furnaces were likely going to start failing. And I feared they would all go at the same time. Remember, there’s two of EVERYTHING at my home! I started panicking. How could I afford to fix two major breakdowns at once?

I then was introduced by a dear friend to a company that offered home warranties (or insurance if you will). How it works is you decide on a package that covers your choice of repairs for electrical, plumbing, HVAC, specific appliances, garage doors, garbage disposals and much more for a small monthly premium. If anything goes wrong, you request a repair, they send out a repair guy to fix it and you pay a set service fee no matter the repair. If they can’t fix it they replace it. No extra cost.

The monthly premiums differ from area to area but I will tell you for me with a duplex (which obviously is more expensive) I pay only $65 per month and my service fee is $75. My first year I honestly thought they would drop me because I put in so many service requests that it paid for itself over and over again!

Some of the repairs I have had done for $75 are:

  • Both water heaters replaced (That would have been $1000 alone!)
  • Both furnaces repaired 2-3 times
  • Stoves repaired
  • Bathtub leaks repaired
  • Faucets replaced
  • Toilets repaired
  • Washing machines repaired (That usually runs at least $150 per visit)

They also encourage you to enter multiple repairs at once if it falls under the same specialty. This is awesome since they only charge the one service fee for the trip! I’ve had them come out to repair both furnaces at once for $75 out the door. That alone would have cost upward of $500 without the warranty! WOW!

There are several companies that offer this type of home warranty.

I have American Home Shield. I promise you it is not a scam. It has been a life saver for me as a single woman with no access to a handyman. I would strongly suggest any home owner to look into it. It just may be worth it for you too!

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