How to Weekly Schedule Plan


Planning out the week’s activities can sometimes require a degree. When you volunteer, have kids activities and school functions it is hard to keep track of. I find it best to plan ahead only weekly since things constantly come up the last minute and a monthly plan would be too overwhelming to think about. Not only do I write down the events on a calendar, I plan ahead dinners, shopping and any overlap issues as well. Here’s how some of my weekly planning sessions go while sitting in front of a calendar:


We have our usual extra curriculars:

  1. Daily Poms practice after school
  2. Monday gymnastics practice
  3. Wednesday cheer practice
  4. as well as Wednesday dance practice.

Got it.

I almost forgot, the Volunteen signed up to help at the elementary school function on Tuesday. I’ll get her forms together to make sure they’re signed and ready.

Oh look parent teacher conferences are this week at three different schools that have to be crammed into both Wednesday and Thursday for all three kids. That’ll be fun. I suppose I’ll have to do crock pot meals those days since we have to be there by 5pm.

Thursday is choir practice at church. Better make sure she has listened to the songs she’s expected to know.

Can’t forget there’s a dance performance at the football half time show on Friday night. Let’s make sure the uniform is all pressed and ready. How nice, it’s my turn to bring something for the bake sale this week. I’ll get on that.

There’s Cheering at the other football game Saturday morning. Yet another uniform to get ironing on. Shoot. There’s also a friend birthday party Saturday afternoon. We’ll have to make a trip to the store for a gift. Hopefully the football game doesn’t run into overtime and she’s late to the party. Oh super, now ALL THREE GIRLS would like to have a sleepover Saturday night. Better make sure there’s enough food in the house. I guess I’ll have to get a grocery shopping trip in before the crowd shows up.

Uh oh, it’s the 3rd Sunday so the family is scheduled for volunteering this week in the nursery at church. Gotta make sure all of our matching t-shirts are clean and figure out a gluten, nut and egg free snack for the toddlers to eat.

Man, I was hoping to squeeze in a Zumba night. Well I guess that’ll have to wait until next week. Darn.

Weekly planning can get hectic as well, but remember to schedule fun times or days off too. We don’t want to burn out!


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