Why Showers Stress Me Out



I’ve heard people say that their morning shower is where they can think, relax, sing, plan out their day etc. 


I’ve found shower time quite the opposite. In fact, it may be just me, but I try to get in and out as quickly as possible because the longer I stay in there, the more stressed I get.

This is why:

When I go to get a fresh clean towel, there are none. If you take a peek into the kids rooms you’ll find several used ones laying around. They just never make their way to the hamper. So Mom is left with nothing.


Once I find a suitable towel, I have to find a spot to keep it since the counter top is full of curling irons, bobby pins, wash cloths, toothbrushes etc after the mad dash that happened earlier getting everyone out the door to school.

Once in the shower, I get the fantastic realization that the shower lever wasn’t put back down after the last shower. The water hasn’t warmed up yet. I only expected it to come out of the faucet, not the shower head. That’s fun, right?

If I could then get the job done with my eyes closed, things would go smoother. But that takes some skill.

Thoughts during the shower:


  • Where’s my face wash? How many different ones are in here?! SEVEN?! Why? Why would a family of four need seven different face washes? And why do they ALL need to be crammed in the tiny little shower head organizer?
  • Ok, now how many razors does this family need? Five strewn about as well. Good gracious. Which one was mine, now? Oh yes, this one. The one that’s been knocked into the drain. Covered in everyone’s hair. Lovely.
  • Wow this shower curtain has seen better days. It’s starting to discolor at the bottom. I’ll have to remember to get a new one. Yuck.
  • Note to self: DO NOT BUY SHAMPOO OR CONDITIONER THAT IS COLORED. How on earth do these girls manage to splatter conditioner all over the shower? It’s seriously everywhere. And it’s now turned into a paste that will take a chisel to get off of the walls.
  • I gotta get out of here. This is not fun.

So, am I the only one?

I’m sure I can solve most of these problems by cleaning it up a bit, but I also want these darn kids to take part in picking up after themselves! Is that too much to ask? Actually, sometimes it is. But that’s a whole other post.

Rant over.

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