The Ultimate Non-Electronic, TV Free Indoor Activity List

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Cabin Fever is no joke. Especially if the kids have a snow day from school. You suddenly become the party planner/event coordinator for the entire day with zero notice.

You want semi-quiet yet productive activities for the kids to do that doesn’t require a whole lot of adult supervision. And add to that you can’t really leave the house to go buy a bunch of material to work with.

Sound like you? The struggle is real.

Here is a list of non-TV, non-electronic activities that only require items you likely have around the house anyway. Most can be altered for age appropriateness. Save this for the future when you are stuck in the house with kids looking for something to do.

  • Scavenger Hunt – Jot down a quick list of things that can be found around the house (yellow object, fuzzy object, round object etc.). Make it age appropriate, give them a bag and let them loose!
  • Balloon Tennis/Ping Pong- Tape a popsicle stick to a paper plate, blow up a few balloons and have at it!
  • Make Homemade Slime– This is somewhat messy at first, but then they play with it for a long time after as well! Add in some glitter or Styrofoam filler beads, dye it with food coloring… make it unique.
  • Play Board Games
  • Make Indoor S mores
  • Have a Dance Party
  • Write a Letter – to grandma, the neighbor, the kids teacher, the President… Pick anyone!
  • Make a Magazine Cutout Collage
  • Make a Blanket Fort
  • Make an Obstacle Course
  • Put up a Tent in the living room in front of a fireplace or make your own fire if you don’t have a fire place
  • Basket Skeeball– Take a cardboard box and unfold it to make a ramp, put numbers on laundry baskets or buckets and toss a ball to see what level you can get to!
  • Have the kids make their own fun lunch/snacks.
  • Use masking tape or painters tape to make floor games: Hopscotch, a car track, tick tack toe…
  • Give plastic toys and/or cars a bath in the tub!
  • Make a stuffed animal Zip-line
  • Make pasta necklaces
  • Shape hunt- give each kid a shape and see how many objects they can find around the house.
  • Get a big cardboard box out of the basement, sit the child inside with some crayons. Boom.
  • Make a Ring Toss out of paper plates made into rings and paper towel rolls
  • Play Simon Says
  • Have the kids match socks. Whoever gets the most pairs wins a sucker or something.
  • Play a game of sink or float: find random (waterproof) objects around the house and have the kids guess if it’ll sink or float.
  • Have a fashion show!

I have a “Craft Dresser” that I keep stocked with a lot of random items that were either on sale or I found at the Dollar Store. Be creative and use what you have on hand. Just remember when you were a kid… What did you do for fun? We didn’t even have the internet let alone all the devices kids have these days. Seriously! Show the kids that they don’t need to sit in front of an electronic machine to have a good time. Use this opportunity to get their creative juices flowing!


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