Community Mom

I personally think it is truly important to be involved in your kid’s school, their extracurricular activities as well as volunteering in the community. It isn’t always possible with our busy lives, but even involvement in one area for one night can make a huge difference.

I’ve tried my hand in various areas over the years. Not all at once of course! Some areas include:

  • Classroom Parent
  • Chairperson for various school events/fundraisers
  • Volunteer at various school events
  • PTO board member
  • Volleyball coach
  • Church Sunday School teacher
  • Church volunteer for various events and programs

I know first hand that if I’m volunteering, say at the school dance, even if it’s just handing out hot dogs at the food booth the kids feel a sense of importance and pride in seeing their mom over there helping out. You’re going to be at that event anyway, right? You’ve already cleared the night of other activities. Why not volunteer to help out?

Side note: Since I was so involved in the kid’s school for so many years the school office, principal and teachers all knew me very well. This comes in handy if you forget to hand in that form that was due YESTERDAY and they let you slide. Added bonus, right?