Chef Mom

As a healthcare professional and a mother, I know that what goes into our Little’s bodies is very important. For health, for energy, for learning, for growing.

I’m not about to go into a nutrition lesson. Anybody can Google the effect nutrition has on our bodies. However, I just want to put it out there as food for thought (pun intended – haha, get it?). Studies have a shown that when a family eats together:

  • Your child may be 35% less likely to engage in disordered eating
  • 24% more likely to eat healthier foods
  • 12% less likely to be overweight (Hammons & Fiese, 2o11)
  • So even if it’s the occasional frozen pizza or take out, the benefits of eating together are clear

But how does a working single mom manage to get dinner on the table more often than not? See my articles for some tips and suggestions. You may find your next go to meal!

So put on your Chef’s Hat and feed those kids!