Travel Mom

I’m sure you know them. Maybe you’re one of them – an individual who has never been out of their state.

My siblings and I were born in California and moved to the Midwest as kids. I remember road trips with the family and all the stops along the way – the landmarks, the scenery and even the fun we had stopping for a picnic lunch at a wayside rest area with grass, picnic tables and a babbling brook.

Some people look at traveling vacations as frilly extras the family just doesn’t need. An extra expense that we don’t need to incur or maybe they’re too busy.

I disagree. Regular family trips create time during which we’re all focused on each other, having fun in a new environment. It says to my kids, “You’re important enough to me that I’m willing to put everything else in my busy life on the back burner and make time for us.”

Vacations represent new memories with those that I love created somewhere new. There is just something special about memories created on vacation. They are more vivid and last longer.

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